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The experts at Security PS know how to secure applications, networks, and systems. That's because security assessments are our sole focus. Having such a razor sharp focus allows us to become efficient and effective at quickly assessing your security posture and overall program.

Whether it is a complex financial application transferring millions of dollars, or simply an Internet connected eCommerce network, we have the skills and the experience to give you a confident baseline of where you stand compared to others in your industry.

Effective communication of findings and recommendations is critical to our success and your satisfaction. Have you ever had a "penetration test" that resulted in hundreds of pages containing pointless vulnerabilities and false positives? Unfortunately, it does not take a great deal of expertise to create a raw report such as that.

We take a dramatically different, if not refreshing, approach to assessments. Our deliverables are focused on providing our clients with root cause issues that don't just repair a vulnerability, they fix the underlying practice that may have caused multiple security risks to the enterprise.

Our priority is to deliver confidence to you, your auditors, your board of directors and your customers.

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