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The Application Security Experts

Through years of dedication to the field of application security, Security PS has developed a systematic methodology for assessing risk associated with critical business and e-commerce applications. Combining this business-relevant methodology with the extensive experience of the Security PS application security team creates significant value for each client by uncovering risk at the application layer and using these findings to remediate immediate risk, educate staff, improve the development or application management processes for future security.

Leverage Our Expertise

Security PS offers a range of services that clients leverage to stay ahead of the evolving application security threatscape. Ranging from brief security check-ups and penetration testing efforts to in-depth source code reviews and SDLC evaluations, the experience of the Security PS application security team provides what it takes to lower risk with Internet, Intranet, and business to business applications.
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Full Application-layer Security Assessments & Analysis
  • Source Code Reviews
  • Threat Modeling
  • Design and Architecture Security Review
  • Development Processes, Standards
  • Software Development Life Cycle Consulting

WAVE Assessments - High Impact Application Security

Applications provide a significant business potential in offering customers immediate functionality and information. Unfortunately, many businesses assume a significant amount of risk by not fully understanding the security implications of these Internet facing applications. Security PS has designed a set of assessments targeted specifically to determine risk associated with web applications called WAVE, which stands for Web Application Security Vulnerability Examinations. By their nature, web applications have a set of inherent security challenges that must be correctly met by diligent application of best practices. WAVE assessments identify these weaknesses in each application and provide root-cause analysis and best practice recommendations that impact security for the long term. Depending on the criticality of the web application, Security PS offers the following WAVE assessments that vary by depth and comprehensiveness:
  • WAVE Discovery
  • WAVE Foundations
  • WAVE Complete
  • WAVE Secure Development Engagement
Contact us to learn more about WAVE assessments and how we enable our clients to reduce application risk and achieve short and long term security goals.

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