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Businesses are faced with new challenges daily as they work keep up with emerging threats and the practices required to combat and defend against them. Whether your organization is required to increase the security awareness for all employees, or whether teams are taking on specialized initiatives requiring proven information security practices, training and education plays a significant role in ensuring the success and the level of risk accepted for each future move.

At Security PS, we recognize the significant impact that expert knowledge transfer makes for each client assessment and engagement we deliver. It was only natural for our clients to ask us to package the knowledge, insight, and daily experience of our team into courses that could be used to train groups of people, or whole organizations, in order to spread this value with high efficiency.

Security PS delivers high impact training by maintaining curriculum that is based on the current security challenges and solutions we encounter when working on our daily consulting and assessment engagements for clients. Our experienced security consultants provide the training for each course, ensuring that each class is packed with real life discussions, applications and lessons.

Courses Designed for Impact

Our team has delivered established and customized training in information security topics ranging from application security, secure development, security awareness, information security foundations, system administration, and security policies and practices. The courses are presented on site, at conferences, on-line webinars, and on-line training.

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Schedule or Registering for a Training Event

Our team delivers training based on your needs and requirements. Logistically, we can deliver training on site to your team, or you can register for public classes that we host, or we can provide on-line training events to reach teams that are geographically dispersed or are unable to travel.

To register for an event or schedule a training event, please contact us at (913)888-2111, or email us at

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